Inspire. Elevate. Empower

PowerHouse is the perfect space, in the perfect place (18 Stirling St Perth, on the CBD fringe) for your extended project team to regularly assemble.

The PowerHouse is 'neutral territory'... bringing individuals out of their silos onto a level playing-field, fostering cooperation and shared ownership of project outcomes.

Invite key project partners and stakeholders as required... for meetings or to work the whole day alongside your own team.

Each person 'does their work'... but shoulder to shoulder with other key personnel working on your project.

This proximity is important.  Relationships strengthen, casual conversations build trust and understanding of each party's contribution to achieving the project's objectives.  Potential challenges are discussed and averted before they can compromise progress.

The support we provide is game-changing.  

You'll have an experienced Host/Mentor onsite with your team at all times.  

We facilitate communication across your team, bringing out their best, providing advice when it's sought, and encouragement always!

The Host/Mentor can help the project leader build team morale and employ best-practices in project management.

The Host/Mentor can also help identify where getting specialist advice and support will benefit a project... and then introduce you to a range of potential specialists who can help.