Whether you lead a team of two or a team of two THOUSAND,
there are so many opportunities to do great things.

You can change lives... you can change the fortunes of entire organisations.

( No, really... you can! )


 As you moved from technical mastery in your field into a higher role, you probably thought "Now I'm in a position to make a real difference!"

But in reality you traded a world of well-understood frustrations for a world of very different but equally frustrating limitations.  You discovered that just being in the hot-seat doesn't make it easier to get things done and drive change. And this pattern repeats as you move onward and upward... all the way up to the C-suite.

Taking Control

The way to transcend many of these constraints is to continue your transition beyond manager... to Leader.  

And not just any leader, but an evolved and compelling leader.  This is a leader who gets things done, regardless of their job title, their seniority or the budget at their disposal.

Such a leader has far more influence than you might imagine. Our motto "If you can imagine it, you can create it" reflects the reality for these leaders.

And we know that if you choose to be such a leader you can be such a leader!

The Pathway

In truth, the pathway is a long and challenging lifetime journey of learning new things, discovering new ways, putting them into practice and continually honing your craft over time.

But it's a journey that is - without doubt - worth every scrap of effort, of self-doubt, of triumph and of tears... as the rewards include the autonomy, the responsibility, the respect and the ability to get worthwhile things done... in short, to make a difference.

And it starts with a single surprisingly-simple step...


...and tell me what drives you, what you can't wait to achieve.

In return I'll freely share any insights or contacts that may help, and if it's relevant (ONLY if it's relevant), I can tell you about the PowerHouse community... how groups of progressive individuals like you are collaborating to fast-track their growth and influence, and to hone the effectiveness of their teams.

Let PowerHouse

Surround you

...with like-minded thinkers


Expose you

...to transformational ideas


Nurture you

...every step of the way