Aaah, a PROJECT... bold move!  

Projects can be powerful forces for positive change.

Fraught with danger? Absolutely.  But then anything 'worth doing' involves some risk, doesn't it?

Done well however, projects can be transformational !

So, what did you have in mind...

  • New product or service?  Crack a whole new market?
  • Renew and revitalise a critical business process?
  • Build something big in the bricks-n-mortar world?
  • Envision the future and marshal the resources to create that future?

Whatever it is you've set-out to achieve, we're impressed that you've bitten the bullet and put your leadership clout and your reputation behind a new project.  

Champions and Managers

Both the project sponsor and the project manager have critical roles to play... and a lot at stake, personally and professionally. Jointly, YOUR mission is to envision and execute a successful project. OUR job then is to help both of you achieve exceptional results

Exceptional Results

There's a lot riding on the success of the project itself, but also on its broader impact across the organisation. Will it bring people together, or polarise factions? Will it attract new talent or trigger the flight of your best people? Will it gobble-up resources faster than it adds value?

We measure results in terms of outcomes for you (as sponsor or project manager), for the project, and for the organisation. Talk-us through the mark you seek to make through this project... the impact you'd like to have on the:
  • culture,
  • capability,
  • resilience,
  • growth, and
  • bottom-line performance
...of your organisation, and we'll work with you to make sure it comes to pass.

This is what we do.

The Pathway

PowerHouse is geared-up to add value to projects that are still merely twinkles in their sponsor's eyes... or in the middle of being rolled-out.  How do we do this? In remarkably simple but powerful ways.  Want to know more?

It all starts with a single easy step...


...and tell me what drives you, what you can't wait to achieve.

In return I'll freely share any insights or contacts that may help, and if it's relevant (ONLY if it's relevant), I can tell you about the PowerHouse community... how groups of progressive individuals like you are collaborating to fast-track their growth and influence, and to ensure the success of their projects.

Let PowerHouse

Surround you

...with like-minded thinkers


Expose you

...to transformational ideas


Nurture you

...every step of the way