Inspire. Elevate. Empower.

At PowerHouse, we believe a new project or initiative is not something to be feared...
it is something to be celebrated and embraced! 

It's an opportunity for a whole organisation to RALLY behind a common goal, for key people to ELEVATE themselves to meet the challenge, and a chance to DISRUPT old patterns and BREAK old habits that have been getting in the way.

Projects are a license to reinvent and revitalise an organisation... making it stronger, more agile, more forward-looking.

So what are you waiting for??


Project-Leader PowerHouse

Each PowerHouse is fully functional workspace where the leaders of your key projects work alongside project leaders from other organisations.

No more group-think.  

Great source of inspiration and 
new ideas.

Everyone taps-into the collective wisdom of the group to solve problems as they arise.  

Project risks fall dramatically.

Projects are delivered on-time and within-budget.

Projects bring people together, reminding them why they love working for you...

PowerHouse Collaboratory


Project-Team PowerHouse

Want your project to succeed? Bring your whole team together regularly.

Get them working side by side, not just attending meetings. 

Involve key suppliers and stakeholders.

Build trust, open strong lines of communication. Collaborate to
resolve issues.

Tap-into specialised expertise when you need it (leadership, project skills, communication, technology, and more).

We have a purpose-built and fully equipped facility in the Perth CBD that is perfect for teams of 5 to 25... enquire today!

1800 909 750 (ask for Glen)

Team Space


Targeted support

Want to stay in control of your own projects, but need occasional support?

PowerHouse helps many clients on an ad-hoc hourly basis, with support from a diverse range of highly skilled specialists.

The more of your project you 
can run 'in-house', the better...
as it's YOUR staff with the control, it's YOUR staff honing their skills,
it's YOUR staff strengthening their relationships, and it's YOUR staff who will experience the pride and satisfaction of a job well-done. 

If there's a chance to run your own project, take it.  If you need help along the way, we're here for you!