Leadership Intensive

Confidence and leadership skills grow as we experience new situations and rise to new challenges.

Over time, we develop personal gravitas and earn respect through our actions.

We discover how to get the best from (and do the best for) those around us.

The only limit then, is our exposure to real situations and challenges, and opportunities to figure-out what to do.

Within the PowerHouse you will have many more opportunities to flex and develop your leadership muscles than within your existing role... all while 'getting your current work done' to the highest standard.

Launch Date: late-August
@PerthCBD HQ

Project Leader

As the sponsor or manager of a project, with your reputation and resources behind it, there is a lot at stake both personally and professionally.

Our mission is to help you successfully navigate from idea to execution and achieve not-only spectacular project results, but also ensure your project delivers wider benefits to your organisation.

Launch Date: late-August
@PerthCBD HQ

Enterprise Owner

Growing a business is challenging. Yet building it into something 'bigger' than just yourself - into a true asset - is immensely rewarding.

We understand what you're dealing-with... the 'hats' you're wearing... the demands on your time... the decisions you're called to make and the seemingly endless options and opportunities that can be difficult to assess and 'action'.  

The great news is you're not alone. There is much that can be done to simplify your life and focus your efforts, to build the systems, to rally the troops, to delight your customers. This is what we help you do.

Launch Date: late-August
@PerthCBD HQ