You're cultivating a MOVEMENT?  Wow!

A Movement is a powerful thing.  

It galvanises people with a common purpose.  It energises ordinary folk to achieve extraordinary things.

A good, moral and well-organised movement has the potential to change the world!

What stage of development...?

Is the movement still a gleam in your eye, where the challenge is to be clear on your mission and engage a core of committed people to bring it to life?

Is it a going concern, where the challenges are around membership growth, getting systems in place, all while achieving your mission and delivering the value and services your members expect?

Is it a mature operation, where the challenge is to stay relevant, and to avoid or overcome stagnation or perhaps break-through a plateau

Common Challenges

Each stage of development has its own challenges, as alluded to above.  But layered on top of these most leaders have to:
            • 'Flip' regularly from detail-mode to big-picture mode.
            • 'Switch' from motivating volunteers to influencing politicians.
            • 'Jump' from managing-systems to building-relationships.
            • Deploy resources where they'll have the greatest impact

(For most, this is a typical week.  For some of us, this is a typical day!)

Are traditional sources of support enough?

Tapping into your community of peers can be a great way to keep on top of things, but anything more than an occasional coffee can be a burden.

There are some great executive coaches and mentors out there, if you have the funds available.

Consultants can be useful for handling parcels of work, but they're not going to lighten the burden of leadership.


What if we told you there was a way to spend quality time with leaders of other emerging and established 'movements' (associations, institutes, NFPs, social enterprises) in your local area?  

If we showed you how super-targeted collaboration could help you achieve things more quickly and with less resources?  

If we promised you could get yourself (as a leader) and your movement (as an entity) from where you are, 
to where you want to be?

Well we can, and it all starts with a single easy step...


...and tell me what drives you, what you can't wait to achieve.

In return I'll freely share any insights or contacts that may help, and if it's relevant (ONLY if it's relevant), I can tell you about the PowerHouse community... how groups of progressive individuals like you are collaborating to fast-track their growth and influence, to grow their memberships, and to build movements of which everyone involved can feel proud.

Let PowerHouse

Surround you

...with like-minded thinkers


Expose you

...to transformational ideas


Nurture you

...every step of the way