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How will my professional stay on top of things if they're out of the office?

How long do I have to commit to a PowerHouse?

What if my professional misses a PowerHouse day due to other commitments?

What about confidentiality?

Wouldn't it be better to invest in collaboration within my organisation?

Why can’t I just do this myself? Arrange for my professional to spend time with peers from other organisations?

Can’t I achieve similar things by sending my senior professional to conferences and training courses?

What kind of tasks can be done better collaboratively?

How can I monitor the success of your program and the value it brings?

What if my professional doesn’t ‘like’ the group, or members of the group, that you place them in?

How will you stop others 'poaching' my best people while they're at the PowerHouse?
Your senior managers and professionals are likely to have access to confidential and sensitive information.

Yet you don't lock them away... you trust them to judge what’s confidential and what’s not, and who they should (and should not) discuss certain issues with.

It's no different at a PowerHouse.

In fact it's easy to find peers to collaborate with and talk to - without compromising confidentiality or commercial considerations - given the size of the PowerHouse group (typically 20+ individuals) and the diversity of their backgrounds and current employment (drawn from big business, small business, government agencies and non-profit bodies, from a variety of industries).

Plus, all PowerHouse Professionals sign non-disclosure agreements and our culture is one of respect for sensitive information.