About PowerHouse

PowerHouse was established in 2012 in response to Glen's observations over 20 years in consulting, government service and corporate leadership positions.

The key observation was that 'work' - as it is commonly structured and executed - seemed to work against the best interests of individuals of every seniority and in fact created a perverse environment of organisational rigidity and dysfunction.  Challenges went unaddressed and opportunities were not acted-upon.  In short, it seemed that 'work' was not actually working... for anyone.

To succeed in the long term, organisations need to value and foster innovation; 

The challenging corollary is that this requires us to tolerate - and even celebrate - failure... which we find culturally challenging.

For work to 'work' for individuals, their efforts need to be clearly aligned with a strong corporate Purpose. 

The challenge here is defining corporate purpose in terms greater than mere profit-maximisation... profits should be a natural result of providing outstanding customer service and delivering necessary and highly-valued products or services in an ethical manner.

For work to 'work' for individuals, their talents need to be identified and nurtured, their efforts should be valued and recognised, they should have opportunities to create and innovate, they should be trusted and have control over how, when and even where they get the work done. 

The challenges is that as the external environment and the expectations of staff, stakeholders and customers change rapidly (the new 'norm' for business and other enterprises), our default response is to seek to exercise ever-more control and oversight... despite knowing at a fundamental level that this just doesn't work.

In all fairness, there are reasons for things being as they are.