Imagine it... CREATE it

It seems you're destined to champion important changes at work... or even change the world.  We love that...!

Hi, I'm Glen from PowerHouse. 
If you're anything like me, you feel compelled to 'make a difference' through your work. Perhaps you see how things could be... rather than just how they are. 

(This can be frustrating and empowering at the same time, yes?)

As a person of passion and energy, I can imagine you being frustrated when confronted by mediocrity and things that don't work as they should. 

Perhaps you see the need to disrupt old patterns and break old habits that are getting in the way. I'd wager you see great opportunities, at work and beyond, and have ideas on how best to grasp those opportunities.

And I'd bet that - right now - there's something special you'd like to sink your teeth into. Something important. Something worthwhile. Something that will make a difference."

  Am I right?